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Why Mentor?

Steps to become a big

All children should have a chance to thrive. With children throughout Central Wisconsin waiting for a Big, there has never been a better time to volunteer as a mentor. Our professionally trained staff will be there to support you every step of the way. Mentoring tells a young person that there is someone in their corner. It lets them know they matter. We are always looking for people eager to positively impact a child and improve their community at the same time.

community-based mentoring

Community-Based mentoring is the traditional Big Brothers Big Sisters one-to-one mentoring model. Caring adult mentors (Bigs) are matched with children between the ages of 6 and 16 (Littles) who are often facing adversity. Once a match has been made, Bigs and Littles spend time together out in the community doing activities that they both enjoy. It can be riding bikes, visits to museums, playing board games, simply hanging out, or whatever they decide together. It can be weekends, evenings or after school. Each match is unique and develops a schedule that works for them.

Site-based mentoring

In Site-Based mentoring, Bigs and Littles meet weekly at a consistent time and place throughout the school year. At the match site, which is typically the Little’s school or Boys and Girls Club, they spend time together doing activities. Matches can play games, work on crafts, do shared projects or homework — anything they can do together at their site. The Littles in our Site-Based Mentoring program are elementary and middle-school students from several area schools. During the summer, matches have the opportunity to utilize other ways of connecting such as writing letters/sending card, talking on the phone, Zoom, etc.